Cardinals Farm Shows Bright Future

The Cardinals, currently sitting at 81-74, have had their ups and downs this season, as many teams have, and, at times, it seems they are missing that one spark plug type player that can skyrocket them for more wins, and, with what the Cardinals have down on the farm, that type of player just  might be coming.

First, starting in Memphis, the two biggest names waiting for the call are Patrick Wisdom, and Tyler O’Neill. Wisdom, a corner infielder with lots of power, was drafted in the first round of the 2012 draft and has been with the club in spring training many of the last few years, and O’Neill, was just acquired from the Mariners in July for Marco Gonzalez. Both hit 31 home runs in Memphis this season, but on the downside of things, neither hit above ,250, Wisdom at .243, O’Neill at .246. Wisdom seems to have a clear path to the majors, with lack of much corner infield depth. O’Neill, on the other hand, is a bit blocked. He’s got guys like Piscotty, Jose Martinez, Grichuk, Fowler, Bader, and Magneuris Sierra ahead of him in the majors. But, with a ton of potential, and even more power, it seems he’ll be here anyways.

Moving to AA Springfield now, the Cardinals have a pair of guys to watch for. Jose Adolis Garcia, signed out of Cuba in the spring, and Randy Arozarena, all three outfielders. Garcia, who is said to have a 6 arm on the 2-7 scouting scale, was up with the club in spring training, and spent this minor league season with Springfield, and also played a few games in Memphis. Garcia comes from a good baseball family, his brother being Braves third basemen Adonis Garcia. Adolis features some pop in his bat as well, hitting 15 home runs this season, but it also comes with decent contact, and a bit of speed, hitting .290 and stealing 15 bases combined this year. Arozarena was also signed out of Cuba, and this is his first season with the Cardinals as well. He has decent power, clubbing 11 this season combined, but the contact might not always be there, only batting a combined .266. He is a very solid defender, only making 3 errors all year, and like Garcia, has good speed, stealing 18 bases this season. One thing to look for in Arozarena, is that he can also play second base, which might help get him to St. Louis faster.

Finally, to the lower levels of the minors, guys like Austin Gomber, Kevin Herget, Kramer Robertson, and Chase Pinder have all shown up on the Cardinals minor league pipeline, Herget to the tune of a sub 2 ERA between Springfield and Palm Beach, Gomber pitching well there too. Robertson and Pinder on the other hand were 2017 draftees, and have both hit well in Johnson City and Peoria. Pinder, is the brother of Oakland Athletics utility man Chad Pinder.

This, upon the up and coming stars in St Louis now, like Paul De Jong, Harrison Bader, Jack Flaherty, Luke Weaver, Sandy Alcantara, Magneuris Sierra, and Carson Kelly, as well as guys that have been around a while, but are still young like Carlos Martinez all prove that the future is bright here in St. Louis.

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