Should the Cardinals Re-Sign Lance Lynn?

Lance Lynn has expressed his frustration of the Cardinals front office many times this season, but is there still a chance he pitches in a Cardinals uniform next season?

“l’m disappointed that there hasn’t been any movement on a new contract. I would love to stay here, but there have been no talks or anything like that,” said the pending free agent Lance Lynn in early July.

The Lance Lynn and Cardinals front office drama has been going on for months, but Lynn and the Cardinals seem to be on very different pages.

“Their number isn’t blocked in my phone,” Lynn said of the Cardinals front office

It has been reported that Lance could be looking for a five year deal with a value of more than ninety million.

For the Cardinals, that just doesn’t make sense or fit into the future plans.

The Cardinals are going with a young rotation next year. If there was any doubt about that, the Leake trade and the Cardinals likely letting Lynn walk this offseason should confirm it.

The case to keep Lynn:

Lynn has been the definition of consistent for the Cardinals, pitching to a 3.38 ERA in his 977.2 career innings as a Redird. In addition to that he is a lifetime Cardinal.

Another argument would be to ‘keep as much of the 2011 team together as you can.’ The departure of Lynn would only leave Yadi as a Cardinal who played in the 2011 World Series. This argument may seem weak, but I’ve had many people bring this up to me.

The young pitchers can’t hold down the rotation. It would give the Cards a rotation of Martinez, Wainwright, Wacha, Weaver, and likely Reyes, but Alex will have an innings limit next season and I do not trust the 22 year old Flaherty to hold down the back end of the rotation.

Also, it would allow Wacha to move to the bullpen where he would likely flourish with his specific pitch arsenal.

The case to let Lynn walk:

Lynn didn’t have the best 2017, pitching to a 3.34, but that will likely only worsen as years go by if we hand him a large deal. It’s no surprise that pitchers age, so why should the Cardinals give a five year deal worth upwards of ninety million to a pitcher they will still be paying $18,000,000 a year to at the age of 35. Especially when you look at all of the young arms the Cardinals have, there’s no reason to give him a giant deal.

He is disgruntled with the organization. Following the Leake trade, Lynn made some comments and expressed his frustration of the trade, citing that he and Leake were good friends and questioning why the Cards would trade a, “…pitcher who can pitch 200 innings and get outs at a high level.”


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