Recap of everything said about #Stanton2STL?

Just wanted to give you recap of everything being said in the media over the past week about #Stanton2STL.


Derrick Goold (St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

Goold was asked the question, where would you put the odds of the Cardinals getting Stanton?


“…most of the people that I have talked to believe that the Cardinals have the best combination of payroll ability to take on a deal without luxury tax issues, and the prospects to make it work.”


I trust Derrick a lot when it comes to his insight on the Cardinals. He is very reliable source when it  comes to rumors and what not.  Goold, in the same article, went on to say:


“It all could come down to Stanton and his choice. He has the power. And that’s a big part of why a deal is so difficult to figure out — for the front offices as well as reporters reporting on it. What does Stanton want to do? Until we know what he’s open to it’s hard to put a percentage on it because it’s 100 percent his call.”


Timothy Rapp (Bleacher Report)


“Miami Marlins slugger Ginacarlo Stanton reportedly will not accept a trade to the Boston Red Sox or St. Louis Cardinals..”


Joel Reuter (Bleacher Report)


In his article, B.S. Meter on all the Top MLB Rumors, Reuter stated that he does not think the Cardinals are logical players for Stanton. He states that the Cardinals do not have the history of taking on mega contracts and they rely heavily on their homegrown talent. But at the end of the article Reuter threw out this statement which leaves room for hope.


 “That being said, I’m quickly warming up to the idea of them being the front-runners for Stanton, especially if the Dodgers are not a suitor. It’s the type of bold move they need to make to stay relevant in the NL and they have the pieces to do it.”



In my opinion, the Cardinals are still in the race for Giancarlo Stanton. It will come down to the Redbirds, Red Sox, and the Giants. The Red Sox and the Giants do not have the prospects to offer the Marlins, which seems to be all that they are looking for, as they are looking to start their rebuilding process, and the Cardinals have a boatload of them. I am worried though that the Marlins are going to be asking a lot in return. I do not want to give up a pitcher like Alex Reyes for Stanton, he is too valuable to this organization. I think Reyes has ace potential and could be a staple in the Cardinals rotation for years to come. I would be willing to give up Alcantara and Weaver and one of our top outfield prospects, as the outfield is very crowed at this point in time.

Ultimately this is going to come down what Stanton wants to do and where he wants to go. I don’t know if he wants to come to St. Louis. I’d hope he would want to come here and join  one of the winningest franchise in Major League Baseball and play in front of 40,000 of the best fans in baseball every night. We do not know what he wants at this point, as we haven’t heard from him yet publicly.  Now we have to sit and wait and see how this plays out, like I said in previous article I still have full faith in this front office to the Cardinals back into contention going into 2018.

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