Cardinals to Open Budweiser Terrace in 2018

The latest addition to Busch Stadium is the Budweiser Terrace, located at the third and fourth levels of the upper right corner of the seating bowl.

The Terrace replaces six sections of seating that usually get swamped with sunlight and heat during home games.

Budweiser Terrace will be open to all fans, with no ticketed or assigned seating. It aims at a social atmosphere for fans as they enjoy a Cardinals baseball game. There’s two full-service bars, a stage for pre-game and in-game entertainment, plenty of room for tailgate-style games, and much more.

Fans can still get a full view of the field from one of the Terrace’s many seating or standing areas. The Terrace figures to be Busch Stadium’s latest and greatest social hotspot during games.

Ballpark Village has enjoyed booming success on gamedays since its opening in 2014, so it’s likely the Cardinals expect Budweiser Terrace to be no different. Make sure to check it out when you head to Busch Stadium this summer.


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