Recap of everything said about #Stanton2STL?

Just wanted to give you recap of everything being said in the media over the past week about #Stanton2STL.   Derrick Goold (St. Louis Post-Dispatch) Goold was asked the question, where would you put the odds of the Cardinals getting Stanton?   “…most of the people that I have talked to believe that the Cardinals… Continue reading Recap of everything said about #Stanton2STL?

Mike Maddux Hired as Cardinals Pitching Coach

Mike Maddux, first reported on twitter by Ken Rosenthal, has been named the new pitching coach of the St. Louis Cardinals. This comes just 23 days after the Redbirds announced that Derek Lilliquist would not return in 2018. So who is Mike Maddux? My initial thoughts on this is that it is good hire for… Continue reading Mike Maddux Hired as Cardinals Pitching Coach

Based on Track Record, I Have Full Faith in the Front Office Going into This Offseason

I want to start this article by saying I have complete faith in the front office, going into the offseason, that they will take this very mediocre Cardinals roster and make it a contender in the National League. I know this season they left room for doubt by not making a move for a big… Continue reading Based on Track Record, I Have Full Faith in the Front Office Going into This Offseason

Molina’s Concussion Cannot Be Ignored

Catchers are said to be the quarterbacks of baseball teams. They are the leaders, the rally starters, the most intimidating players on the field at all times. They also take the brunt of the pain that comes with being a professional baseball player, and just like quarterbacks, concussions for a catcher can completely halt their… Continue reading Molina’s Concussion Cannot Be Ignored