Where Do the Cardinals Go from Here?

It’s official, #Stanton2STL is not going to happen. To put it bluntly, THIS SUCKS!!!!! Once again the Cardinals come in second place (kind of…) when trying to acquire the marquee player of the offseason. Stanton was the one player that we could add to this roster and the Cardinals would become an instant World Series… Continue reading Where Do the Cardinals Go from Here?

Recap of everything said about #Stanton2STL?

Just wanted to give you recap of everything being said in the media over the past week about #Stanton2STL.   Derrick Goold (St. Louis Post-Dispatch) Goold was asked the question, where would you put the odds of the Cardinals getting Stanton?   “…most of the people that I have talked to believe that the Cardinals… Continue reading Recap of everything said about #Stanton2STL?

How Long Will the Cubs Continue to Be a Force in the National League? Part 2: Pitching Staff

In this portion of the article, I will take a deep look into the Cubs pitching staff and their potential prospects coming up through the minor leagues. Comparing them to the young core that mans the field, the rotation and bullpen are not as strong or talented. Their pitching staff was ultimately their downfall in… Continue reading How Long Will the Cubs Continue to Be a Force in the National League? Part 2: Pitching Staff

Mike Maddux Hired as Cardinals Pitching Coach

Mike Maddux, first reported on twitter by Ken Rosenthal, has been named the new pitching coach of the St. Louis Cardinals. This comes just 23 days after the Redbirds announced that Derek Lilliquist would not return in 2018. So who is Mike Maddux? My initial thoughts on this is that it is good hire for… Continue reading Mike Maddux Hired as Cardinals Pitching Coach

Should the Cardinals Re-Sign Lance Lynn?

Lance Lynn has expressed his frustration of the Cardinals front office many times this season, but is there still a chance he pitches in a Cardinals uniform next season? "l'm disappointed that there hasn't been any movement on a new contract. I would love to stay here, but there have been no talks or anything… Continue reading Should the Cardinals Re-Sign Lance Lynn?